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Преподаватели английского языка

Duncan C.

Стаж преподавания 2 года

Duncan C.

Edinburgh College Granton Campus, Edinburgh




General English Course. English for Individual Purposes.

Duncan is a 21 year old, passionate young man who is looking to develop his skills as a teacher. He is currently doing a 140hr TEFL course and is very excited to start helping people to learn English for personal and business reasons. Duncan is a language fanatic as the result of travel in his childhood, he is fluent in German, Dutch and English both written and spoken. He is currently living in Scotland and has recently completed his HNC in construction, soon after this he has realized that his real passion lies with language and helping others. Being energetic yet patient makes Duncan a reliable, young teacher. He believes that the key to learning a new language is to talk as much as possible to native speakers instead of listening to explanations in your mother tongue. His goals include completing his TEFL course within the next 1.5 months and move abroad to start teaching in a classroom. His hobbies are reading, playing string instruments, playing video games and going out with friends.

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