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Marie C.

Стаж преподавания 1 год

Marie C.

Dublin City University, BSc.Sport Science and Health




General English Course. English for Children. English for Specific Purposes.

Marie is a native speaker of British English, with a TEFL qualification. She gained her experience teaching children in Asia, USA and Ireland and she did like it. She wants to keep her teaching experience up therefore she chooses to do online tutoring as well as work a full time job and save enough to complete her Masters in Education. Marie enjoys meeting new people and motivate them to learn. She always has a strong rapport with her students and believes that communicative approach and total immersion in English is the most effective way to develop student’s language skills. She teaches her students English at a level that suits them the best and also pushes their limits to learn to the best of their ability. She is dreaming about a trip to Dubai, where she can continue to teach children. In her spare time, she plays soccer, listens to music, learns new languages and culture of different countries, and also she likes travelling, swimming, cycling. Marie is focused, hardworking, and motivated. She looks forward to meeting with you to help you succeed at your path of learning English language.

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