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Преподаватели английского языка

Theresa M.

Стаж преподавания 22 года

Theresa M.

West Kent College of Further Education




General English Course. English for Specific Purposes.

Theresa is a qualified TEFL teacher from the UK. Native born in Tunbridge, Wells Kent, she’s currently living in Romania with her partner where she enjoys teaching English to children and adults of different levels at a private school. She’s had years of experience, working for education as she spent over two decades working both as a qualified coach and the Head at two well-known gymnastics prep schools Bodium Manor and Battle Abbey. She used to travel a lot around the UK and abroad to compete. She is proud of the results her students showed at national championships and still keeps in touch with them. What's more, she had a SEN Nurse training course and worked as a state enrolled nurse at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children for two years. Theresa is a dedicated teacher who makes certain that her student find inspiration and motivation at her lessons and tailors her classes to meet students' individual needs. At her lessons, she promotes the education-using fun approach as the best way for collaboration and best outcome.

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