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Rachel D.

Стаж преподавания 3 года

Rachel D.

Ege University (Turkey), a University Diploma in Advanced Turkish




General English Course. English for Young Learners. Business English. English for Specific Purposes.

Rachel is a British native speaker who had lived near London all her life until she moved to Turkey on the adventure to learn another language. She knows the many struggles one can face when learning a language. Her teaching style varies depending on the student’s needs, but in general, she likes to ensure the student is speaking as much as possible and becomes confident in speaking without notes. Her current students range from 9 years old to mid-50s. Before moving to Turkey, she used to work in a Car Loan Financial Bank and has therefore a good understanding of an ordinary workplace, customer service, which will be useful for teaching Business English Students. She is encouraging, patient and determined to help students succeed in learning English. Rachel believes when learning another language both the teacher and the student should have fun.

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