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Преподаватели английского языка

Kim J.

Стаж преподавания 12 лет

Kim J.

Bangor University, Gwynedd, English Literature and Creative Writing




General English Course. Business English. English for Young Learners.

Kim is a qualified EFL tutor, childcare worker and Further education teacher. She has about 13years of experience in the classroom and also teaches for an online university in Vietnam. She enjoys continuously improving her own learning and practices with both formal and informal study. The teacher believes she is easy to get along with and enthusiastic in all areas of both her personal and professional lives. Kim loves every aspect of teaching and seeing her students learn more and more and sincerely hopes that she will continue to do so in different ways for the remainder of her working life. Her hobbies include photography and trying to learn new languages, fortunately for her students she is a better teacher than a student! 

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