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Преподаватели английского языка

Nina E.


Стаж: 27 лет
Сертификаты: EFL studies for adults in higher education
Уроков: 564


  • General English Course
  • English for Exams (IELTS, CAE, CPE, PET, KET)
  • English for Young Learners
Nina E.

Nina spent almost 27 years teaching English, music and drama in schools and colleges in the UK. She has taught students from the ages of three to mature adults. The teacher also taught English in a college to students from all round the world and prepared them for the IELTS and Cambridge examinations. Nina has now been living and working in Spain teaching in an international school where Spanish students speak English in every lesson and take GCSE and A Levels. She has recently been working in a Spanish Academy preparing adults for The Cambridge examinations. Her strong beliefs are that through combining English, drama and music in her lessons, students are able to practice role play, and listen to and practice the different accents and expressions used throughout the UK, each having their own rhythm and melody. Students develop good conversational and listening skills in addition to clear pronunciation. As a teacher, she is determined to help each and every student achieve his or her goal and open up doors to a exciting future with greater employment opportunities. Nina has an outgoing personality and is a good listener. She is found of music and her favourite composer is Rakhmaninov. She is ethusiastic and optimistic. Her moto is “You can, you will and you are going to achieve…”

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