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Judas E.

Стаж преподавания 4 года

Judas E.

Aberystwyth University, BA in International Politics and International History




General English Course. Business English. English for Young Learners.

Judas is a native speaker of British English, with a TEFL qualification from the UK's largest accredited TEFL provider. He believes that when learning a language the emphasis is on the ability to communicate effectively. Judas has experience of teaching students from Russia and Estonia, so understands the challenges of Slavic speakers learning English. Furthermore he has begun learning Russian and has already learned Polish to conversational level; this included learning through Skype, so he understands how it feels to be a student through Skype. Judas believes in tailoring lessons to fit the student as the type of English the student wants to learn reflects their personality and interests.  Judas has experience of teaching Slavic speakers. He has many diverse interests from business and politics to sports and music. Judas has experienced being the student learning language through Skype and this helps him plan lessons that are both helpful and engaging.

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