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Don M.

Стаж преподавания 25 лет

Don M.

Indiana University at South Bend, Master of Science. Goshen College, Bachelor of Arts



General English Course. Business English. English for Specific Purposes.

Don is a skillful and experienced educator in working with students from various backgrounds. He has taught developmental courses in mathematics (pre-algebra and algebraic concepts), English (reading and writing), and individualized tutoring. Always positive and enthusiastic, he contributes his multiple talents and energy to helping students succeed. Don gladly shares his wisdom and expertise with his colleagues, providing them with guidance and valuable advise. He has always gone the extra mile for his students by patiently and persistently encouraging them to think positively and learn to grow as individuals, and in terms of their career possibilities. He says: “The most important facet of my career is how I treated and continue to treat my students with respect and wonder because they taught and teach me as much as I educate them.” He could also share about being a politician and an activist, as well as an American Government teacher and these are all important.

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