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Преподаватели английского языка

Robert M.


Стаж: 4 года
Сертификаты: CPA
Уроков: 390


  • Business English
  • Communication for Professionals
  • General English.
Robert M.

Hello, my name is Robert and I am a teacher of English at iEnglish. At my university I studied business courses. But I started this after I progressed through the Journalism School at the University. So my communication skills were built at an early age. Coupled with this I have a wide ability in the field of business and have communicated with many individuals, businesses and bankers over the past 31 years.

Currently I am in Russia and am learning the Russian language. I know the difficulties and frustrations with learning a new language and understand what it takes to learn English. I have found the world to be a lot smaller than it was even ten years ago and the proper ability in foreign languages is important to building yourself and your career to much higher levels. And to have these skills, even WITH the accent, will make people notice you and respect you.

I know each student is different and to use an American phrase, I will not make each student a cookie cutter. Each of you is different and for me, this is WONDERFUL. I can tailor my way of teaching to fit your needs and I have been called very patient with people. Since everyone learns at a different pace I am very comfortable with helping and assisting each of you to climb to the level you have chosen. Let me know and I will climb with you and enjoy every step.

My past has been in a very competitive background. I’ve played a lot of different sports and also progressed through the martial arts to a relatively high level. Some of the people I’ve studied with have attained professional championships and are having good professional careers. In these activities I have learned with proper efforts and instruction it is really amazing how much a person CAN learn. Let’s work and learn together.

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