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Rashko P.

Стаж преподавания 3 года

Rashko P.

West Virginia Wesleyan College, Master of Business Administration; Longwood University, Bachelor of Science, Business Administration.



General English Course. Business English. English for Specific Purposes.

Rashko is a Native Speaker of American English. He also is experienced professional in the international business world working as an International Account Manager for an American company, who also enjoys quite a bit teaching English in his spare time. He has been working with all levels of students, as well as people, who are interested in acquiring specific business English skills and experience. He also has worked with beginners, intermediate and advanced students, who want to improve their speaking and listening skills and start feeling comfortable with the English speech and live interaction. He believes that a person learns a language best, by speaking it and he is very happy when his students advance to the next level. Rashko is a really flexible and resourceful tutor who is interested in teaching English to foreigners online, because this gives him the opportunity to meet new people from all over the world and experience new cultures. Rashko has been to Russia and Ukraine many times and has met many friends there! They have helped him to learn to speak a very good Russian as well. Some of Rashko's hobbies are outdoor sports such as football, skiing and tennis, as well as reading and meeting new people form all walks of life.

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