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David S.

Стаж преподавания 5 лет

David S.

Blackpool College


TEFL Academy Brighton


General English Course. Business English. English for Tourism Industry

David is a qualified Certified Foreign English Teacher. He has a very commercial background working as a Business Development Consultant in teaching foreign students who would like to improve their command of speaking and learning English for both academic and commercial purposes. He has the skills to mentor and sensitize individuals to today’s business awareness in the work place .Most of his working career has been based in senior management within the hotel and tourism industry; combined with event management, digital marketing and modern commercial business practises. His approach is very practical, interactive with a great emphasis based on communication and discussion. The initial aim will be to establish what the students are looking to achieve and the area which they would most like to focus, he shall combine a format of teaching methods through some writing and grammar , work projects relevant to your bespoke needs as well a reading exercises to access pronunciation and fluency in English.

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