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Tina S.

Стаж преподавания 12 лет

Tina S.

Stanford University, Moore College of Art and Design, BA in Art History; New York University, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences


CELTA (Accademia Britannica, Rome), FINRA Certificate


Business English. English for Specific Purposes.

Tina has been a registered trading representative for leaders in the securities’ industry in New York City in excess of 10 years. As a teacher Tina acquired experience in teaching in the classroom and several years of teaching experience online as well as experience in exam preparation for CFA candidates (Chartered Financial Analysts). She integrates her first-hand experiences in the financial community into teaching Business English. In tutorials and classes, she strives to generate a casual atmosphere and, at the same time, provide rigorous instruction that allows students to build confidence concerning their command of Business English. The teacher believes such confidence is crucial to a successful career because in the financial community, professionals are often judged by the way they speak. A strong command of Business English enables students to communicate in incise, vibrant, and clear terms with professionals in the global financial community and it also contributes to their success. Tina is the developer of two-module Business Course which includes a Foundation Module and a Typical Business Communication Skills Module. She is a published author and writes about intellectual history. In her free time, Tina listens to opera and classical music.

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