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Преподаватели английского языка

Wendy Y.

Стаж преподавания 3 года

Wendy Y.

McGill University, Montréal, Bachelor of Education – Kindergarten and Elementary Program


OnTesol Certificate, TESOL, Policies and Practices of Online Education Certificate


General English Course. English for Specific Purposes. English for Young Learners.

Wendy earned her Bachelor of Education from McGill University, received her TESL Diploma from OnTesol and is currently working towards achieving her Online Education certificate. She has 4 years of experience teaching English and ESL. Currently, she teaches children who live in China, online from the comfort of her home in Quebec, Canada. She gets to know her students’ very well in order to build customized lessons based on their interests, preferences, and learning goals. She makes lessons entertaining by choosing engaging authentic materials. For example, she frequently uses excerpts from TV shows, audio from radio programs, lyrics from popular songs, and she even makes her own animated videos! She creates lessons that are humorous and fun so you don’t even feel like you are working. When she is not teaching, you are most likely to find her listening to music while doing something creative and artistic. She enjoys spending time with her family, friends and pets. She likes learning about cultures that are different from her own and meeting new people. She will teach you English and you can teach her about your culture! Please remember that she is here to help you so feel free to contact her anytime. She is determined to help you succeed. She can’t wait to meet you and hopes to see you soon!

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