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Thanksgiving Day (Elementary)


День благодарения (Thanksgiving Day) отмечается в четвёртый четверг ноября в США и во второй понедельник октября в Канаде. Это не просто государственный праздник, но и одно из самых любимых и популярных у американцев торжеств: по традиции, в этот день несколько поколений семьи собираются за одним столом на праздничный обед.

Кроме этого, День благодарения в США открывает зимний праздничный сезон, который включает в себя Рождество и Новый год. Давайте узнаем как празднуют этот день в США.

Warm up activity

Do people celebrate Thanksgiving Day in your country?

Where do you know about this holiday from?


The traditional stuffed turkey is on every dinner table on Thanksgiving Day

Read an article and find out interesting facts about Thanksgiving Day

Every last Thursday of November the US airports have to work in an emergency mode, and the roads turn into one long bottleneck. The reason is that all people hurry home to enjoy the Turkey in the family circle and thank the world for all the good that was last year.

Americans honor the Day of thanksgiving, it is almost a basis of national integrity. Holiday appeared almost when the country appeared itself. The first settlers from England in 1620, making the journey on the ship "Mayflower" landed on the ground, which later became the state of Massachusetts. But the land was inhospitable, and the winter was so severe that half of the settlers died in the first year. To help the survivors came the Indians. They gave wise advice, what crops can be grown and which crop won’t yield a harvest.

The following year agricultural activity brought a rich and abundant fruit. In honor of the harvest, the festival was held, which served as a gratitude to the higher power and the Indians. So went the first thanksgiving.

A holiday became national only during the administration of George Washington. Only the date wasn’t fixed immediately. Initially it was celebrated on November 26, then Lincoln changed the date, and the celebration was held on the last Thursday of November. Roosevelt also changed – now it was the penultimate Thursday. Only in 1941 it was finally decided that the day of celebrations was the last Thursday of November.

On this day the whole family eats the Turkey in cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, nuts, yams and corn. Be sure to have words of thanksgiving.

Traditionally people have 2 days off to celebrate. It is a great opportunity to start preparing for Christmas, buying gifts. In new York a parade is held in honor of the holiday. Also be sure to pardon the Turkey, which tradition came up with Harry Truman. On the White house lawn there is the ceremony where the President announces a pardoning of the bird that is sent to the zoo to live out its days. All this happens under the sight of cameras.

Answer the questions:

How did Thanksgiving appear?

Who did people honor?

When did a holiday become national?

What do people eat the feature dish with?

Who introduced pardoning of a turkey?


Watch the videos on Thanksgiving Day in the UK

History of Thanksgiving Day

Discuss the following:

Have you ever tried turkey with cranberry sauce?

Do you have a tradition of gathering in a family circle?

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